ISS offer a range of services relating to stone sculpture, marble carving and stone fabrication. Any historic, famous sculpture or statue can be replicated according to your required dimensions and materials. Alternatively we can manufacture new bespoke products from your own designs:

  • High quality hand carved solid stone replicas of famous marble sculptures and statues
  • Bespoke carvings to meet your own custom design. Any shape or size
  • Repair or refurbish existing statues or sculptures
  • Manufacture plinth to accompany sculpture
  • Exterior cladding, garden sculptures and ornaments
  • Stone floors, baths, swimming pools, bathrooms, tables, furniture, vases, dishes
  • Numerous material options; marble, granite, onyx, limestone or rock crystal
  • Pietrasanta is famous for Italian Carrara marble, white or grey
  • Can be shipped worldwide
  • Delivered to your door using our own shipping agent
  • Install and oversee unloading if required at an additional cost
  • All made in Italy


… There are no limits to our abilities, please enquire using the contact form, we’ll be happy to discuss your requirements and issue a free quotation